Facilitator Notes

Here are my notes for my role as Conference Facilitator at an international conference recently. There were about 50 participants, some with English as their working language, others with French. The aim of the conference was to engage the participants (policy makers and practitioners) to share their experiences and to think constructively together. The results of all the discussions were captured as input to the Conference Rapporteur who will produce a report.

" Woon's 100% satisfactory delivery of her facilitating role in this event does not allow any development needs to be identified. Empathy quickly established with participants; good understanding of client organisation needs (partly through previous experience with it) and willingness to take on board specific event-based needs and work constructively with all the organisational partners in particular the conference rapporteur; solid training skills combined with knowledge of the subject matter of the event."

Simon Tonelli, Head of Migration Division, Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France)